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Rubus spectabilis

Rufous Hummingbird on Salmonberry flower

A charming mid-sized deciduous shrub with delicate purple flowers and tasty golden-red berries. The flowers are singular, and the fruits resemble Raspberries. A true Pacific NW native that prefers shade and moist soil. It is an excellent “habitat plant” for smaller song birds, and Humminbirds are highly attracted to its flowers.


4-6’ or taller, if happy. Gently arching branches from a common base. Small, soft thorns that break on touch. Tolerates pruning VERY well, which is important for maintaining a good size in small yards.

Sun/Shade/Soil Moisture
Partial to full shade. Average to moist soil. Often found in forests near seasonal seeps or streams. For example, common along Forest Parks's Wildwood Trail a seeps and small streams.

Where to plant
On the north side of house, tree or other structure, i.e., at least partial shade. Also, well suited for downspout disconnect zones, rain gardens or other seasonally wet spots. Grows well alone or in hedges or thickets. Prefers a good layer of duff.

Did you know?
• Consider planting w/ Indian Plum, Ferns, Forest Oregon Grape and/or Salal

• Frequently seen at seasonal wet spots along Wildwood Trail

• Displays more compact form when grown in sunnier location.

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