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Lonicera involucrata

Twinberry flowers

Twinberry berries

Hummers on Twinberry

We can't say enough about this plant. It is a beautiful native shrub w/ fluted yellow flowers and deep red sepals, neatly arranged in pairs (hence the name). It is the number 1 plant for attracting hummingbirds and is so popular with Anna's Hummingbirds (our only year-round hummer) that they are known to nest nearby. The paired black berries are enjoyed by birds in fall, giving multiple seasons of interest. Deciduous.

Upright growth habit from center stems. Graceful arching branches. Height 5-7'. Spread 4-5'. Readily prunable to any size.

Sun/Shade/Soil Moisture
Full sun to partial shade. Average to moist soil.

Where to plant
Given its upright structure, any place that accommodates that structure. For example, that might be in a planting arrangement with smaller plants below, or in a hedge or as a summer-time screen (i.e., deciduous so screen value greatest in summer). Grows well with other plants ... so, try anywhere, except full shade.

Did you know?

• A favorite of Anna's Hummingbird.

• In the same genus as honeysuckle.

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