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Gaultheria shallon

Salal flowers

Salal berries ... edible when ripe!
A plant of amazing genetic diversity that can grow in full sun at the coast or in full shade in a Cascade forest. Salal offers uniquely-shaped pendulate flowers, tasty edible berries and lovely evergreen foli-age, often used in floral arrangements. All this in a plant with a compact size, year-round interest and that integrates well into many landscapes. In nature, when in shadde, this plant is often found with Sword Fern and Forest Oregon Grape.


2-3’ around and tall, depening on site conditions and age. Readily prunable.

Sun/Shade/Soil Moisture
Partial sun to full shade. Average to moist soil. Prefers a good duff layer.

Where to plant
Ideally in the shade, though it can take some sun. For example, along north side of a house, fence or tree/shrub. May also be planted as a border or along walks or driveways, particularly if there is half-day shade or filtered sun. Works well planted and trimmed as a low hedge, or mixed with taller evergreens (i.e., Evergreen Huckleberry) for a larger hedge. If in the shade, consider planting with Sword Fern and/or Forest Oregon Grape.

Did you know?
• A poultice made from the leaves may be used to ease discomfort from insect stings and bites.

• Salal is harvested locally and sold worldwide as an evergreen in floral arrangements.

• The berries are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants.


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