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  Redtwig Dogwood
Cornus sericea

photo text

photo text
var. Baileyi, 6-7*
var. Kelseyi, 2-3

This wonderful shrub has striking red bark, white flowers that yield white- bluish berries and year-round interest. Two varieties - Baileyi (medium) and Kelseyi (small). These varieties are from the northern Rockies and are more size appropriate than their local cousin, which grows to 20. Nature benefits: good for pollinators, birds like the berries, and the branching structure is preferred for perching. An attractive addition to any yard.


Upright to roundish. Average to moist soil. *Baileyi, 6-7’ (see photo) yet easily prunable to any size. Kelseyi, 2-3’.

Sun/Shade/Soil Moisture
Full sun to partial shade. Average to moist soil.

Where to plant
Often planted as a feature (alone or in combination), in a hedge or with contrasting plants such as Quaking Aspen or Bitter Cherry. Kelseyi is increasing planted in parkstrips and parking lot or roadside bio-swales.

Did you know?
• Coastal tribes brewed a tonic tea from the bark.

• Backyard chickens like the leaves and berries.

• Important winter browse for deer and elk.


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