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  BEES - Mason, Bumble, Honey ... & more
Mason Bees
In season, we carry "live" mason bees (well, mason bee cocoons that you hatch). That season is late winter, and the bees hatch and pollinate your plants through spring. Throughout the year, we carry mason bee boxes, tubes, books and related accessories.

Compared to honey bees which get more press, mason bees are unique and quite beneficial. In general, honey bees (which are from Europe) don't fly when it is raining or less than 50 degrees. Mason bees, which are native to the Pacific NW, don't let a little weather get in the way. Thus, they'll be out on cool, damp spring days getting the job done.

Other interesting facts include (1) they are a solitary bee (not hive forming), (2) they rarely sting and do not possess the venom of a honey bee, and (3) by using tubes it is easy to share cocoons with friends and neighbors.

Plants for Bees
Feed your bees naturally. Plant a landscape that helps them survive year round.

We carry a full line of nectar and pollen plants, including aster (Douglas aster*), echinacea (coneflower), gaillardia (blanket flower*), hyssop, mimulus (monkey flower*), monarda ("bee balm"), penstemon, rudbeckia (black-eyed susan), salvia (hardy sage), sidalcea (checkermallow*), solidago (goldenrod*) and much, much more.

These plants not only support honey bees, but they support our native bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects.

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*OR/WA native

We no longer sell


... but we sell plants to feed your bees.

Honey Bees

When we started carrying beekeeping supplies, there were no other providers in Portland proper and online shopping had not taken off. Our goal was to help grow and empower the urban beekeeping movement. Since then, a few stores have opened that specialize in beekeeping, the Portland Urban Beekeepers have formed, and online shopping has become commonplace. Thus, our job is done. Beekeeping is thriving in Portland (thanks to the good work of many people). Thus, we've stopped selling beekeeping supplies but we do sell, and continue to enhance, our selection of plants to nourish bees - native and honey - throughout the year.

Other Bee & Beekeeping Suppliers near Portland:

• Ruhl Bee Supply (a division of Brushy Mountain), Wilsonville

• Bridgetown Bees, Portland

• Glory Bee, Eugene (in store or online)

• Mann Lake (online)

Honey Bee Community Resources:
  PUB - Portland Urban Beekeepers
Meetings: 1st Mon of Month, 6:30-8:30.
Location: Calaroga Terrace, 1400 NE 2nd
  Portland Metro Beekeepers Association
Meetings: 2nd Thurs of Month, 7-9pm @
Clackamas CC - Clairmont Hall (Hort), Rm 118
19600 S. Molalla Avenue
Oregon City, OR 97045
  Tualatin Valley Beekeepers Association
Meetings: Last Wed of Month, 7:30pm @
OSU Extension Office
18640 SW Walker Road
  Clark County Beekeepers
Meetings: 2nd Thurs of Month, 7-9pm @
CASEE Center
11104 NE 149th St., Bldg C
Brush Prairie, WA
  Oregon Master Beekeeper Program
  Zenger Farm Community Bee Project
  Oregon State Beekeepers Association
  Washington State Beekeepers Association

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